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The Molluscs constitute a significant part of world fauna today. The Palk bay area is familiar for the presence of economically important renewable resources like seaweeds, shrimps, lobsters, holothurians, mollusks and fin fishes. However there is lack of information on the molluscan fauna. The fauna is rich in the intertidal area and coastal habitats from Point Calimere to Mandapam . Of late coastal habitats here are under threat from development activities and over exploitation of natural resources. This necessitates documentation of fauna present in this important area besides categorizing them as endemic, threatened and endangered species. This exercise in addition to information on abundance and diversity will help in the earmarking areas for conservation. Therefore the present initiative was taken to prepare a checklist of bivalves species available here along with their classification and key characters for identification. From this Palk Bay area, we have identified and recorded as many as 100 species of bivalves belonging to 4 orders, 19 families and 49 genera. Among these 47 new species are found to be new distributional records for the Palk Bay area.
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The Chesapeake Bay in Maryland
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The architects and designers of the Metabolist Group are the well-known authors of a series of bold projects and utopian visions of futuristic cities and technological architectures which spread from Japan to the world from the early 1960s. Indeed the city of Tokyo was the cradle of this burst of creativity and ambition to reshape the form of the modern city, and it was primarily the frantic change of her mutating urban environment which inspired the urban visions of a group of young professionals and critics with the tacit support of the cultural elites and the economic and political powers. This study investigates the links between Metabolism and the cultural and socio-economic context of post-war Japan, and contributes to a further understanding of the origins of the most relevant concepts and ideas behind the several projects for Marine Cities , Cities in the Sky , Capsule Architectures and Artificial Land which had a fundamental impact on the architectural discourse of the period. This book will be of interest to architects, scholars and anyone else interested in modern Japanese architecture and architectural and urban history.
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Using empirical studies conducted by previous and current researches, We have realised that the current crisis in the USA has taken a different tune in terms of causes and this has precipitated the inability of the legislative responses of the 1980s to prevent the current crisis. While the 1980s were basically caused by boom and bust in the oil, agricultural and real estate industry coupled with some sectoral recessions, the current crisis is attributed majorly to the subprime mortgage. The subprime mortgage was fuelled by the high deregulation in the financial market giving way to securitisation and the inundation of the market with highly obnoxious and complex derivatives. A conclusion is arrived here by calling upon all authorities in charged to use history as a guide to chart a smooth path for the future and also to keep up to date with regulations since the financial market is dynamic and moves together with technology. This document will be very relevant for Financial Institutions and Students pursuing BSc, MSc/MBA or PhD in Finance and Accounting or Banking.
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The ancient Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 C. E. , drew international attention when excavations commenced in the 1730s. As a result, the nearby city of Naples became a nexus of scholarship, cultural diplomacy, and tourism. This fascinating book examines responses to the excavations by 18th- and 19th-century monarchs, statesmen, scholars, and archaeologists, as well as by artists, architects, designers, writers, and tourists. Essays by leading art historians and archaeologists chronicle the exploitation of the sites through excavation, publication, and museum display, and discuss the wider influence of the recovered objects and architectural remains on art and design in Italy, France, Germany, and Britain. Unlike other publications that focus on the archaeological artefacts and their documentation, this extensively illustrated book presents the discoveries from the standpoint of how they were understood at the time.
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Бейсболка от знаменитого бренда Mitchell&Ness, занимающегося производством спортивной экипировки. Традиционная форма, шесть панелей, вентиляционные отверстия и регулируемая застёжка сзади. Бейсболка представлена в однотонной расцветке, украшенной логотипом легендарной хоккейной команды Tampa Bay Lightning. - Хлопковая ткань - Традиционная форма - Шесть панелей - Вентиляционные отверстия - Регулируемая застёжка - Нашивка с логотипом команды Tampa Bay Lightning
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The Egyptian revolution was a critical historical Event that had important effects on the Egyptian state , Arab region and the whole world . This book is composed of two studies , which are attempts to unravel the 25th of January Egyptian revolution from two perspectives and two historical periods. The first study is methodologically based on interviews with ordinary citizens who participated and collaborated together in the first days of the Egyptian revolution . This manifested a true 'Egyptian revolutionary solidarity'. The second study is more institutional focusing on the political outcomes of the 25th of January revolution, mainly trying to answer a question , ' Will Egypt after the 25th of January revolution become a democratic state ? ' and the question iS answered by resorting to some historical events that had similar characteristics with the Egyptian revolution .
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Life in the Chesapeake Bay. Illus. by Alice Jane L ippson
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Life in the Chesapeake Bay. Illus. by Alice Jane L ippson
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Aurorae often break down into elongated, cylindrically symmetric space-charge filaments (with radius r) parallel to the local uniform geomagnetic field. We study the ion kinetic theory in auroral plasmas in the presence of the strong electric field (E) produced by the filaments. A method of characteristics is used to solve both the collision-free and collisional Boltzmann equation under different E and initial ion density (n). If E is constant in time (t) but proportional to r and n is uniform, the collision-free ion distribution function (f) pulsates in t and transport properties oscillate. If collisions are introduced, f takes a horseshoe shape symmetric to the E direction while the bulk parameters evolve from pulsating to steady states. When E changes radially, the collision-free f has various shapes and bulk parameters change accordingly. Results are also obtained in the presence of collisions and initial density inhomogeneities when E is constant in t and proportional to r. Finally, when E is unable to stay constant and is modulated by in-coming charged particles (i. e. , the Bolzmann-Vlasov problem), several plasma wave modes are excited under different initial conditions.
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